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Aluminum foil tape, reinforced aluminum foil tape, aluminum foil fiberglass cloth tape, Mylar aluminum foil, aluminum foil, paper, plastic, cloth composite products


specializing in the production of aluminum foil tape, foil tape clip one of the large tendons, aluminum foil fiberglass cloth tape, Mylar foil, aluminum foil, paper, plastic, cloth, composite 
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The core business philosophy
Enterprise mission: to create value and serve the community 
Business objectives: to become the industry leader, excellence, sustainable development 
Corporate values: real asset is good customer relations, the most valuable asset is proactive, honest and self-discipline staff 
Operating mechanism: people-oriented, encouraging innovation 
Core competencies: technical services, market development, the company promoted staff to establish a scientific values, attitudes and methodology 
Employees values: honesty, teamwork 
Staff of life: work to create value, dedication bring happiness, attitude is everything 
Staff Methodology: loyalty and dedication, continuous improvement, the simple things well is not simple repetition 
Work style: rapid response, immediate action, there is no excuse 
Objectives: innovative, efficient, reliable, and customer satisfaction in our products and services
Company staff to develop specific ideology, moral character, conduct three norms of doing things in order to encourage their employees to unify thinking, understanding, unity of behavior, and through unity, achieve business and personal ideals.